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CHINA BAOAN GROUP CO., LTD. Its enterprise

Leadership Concern
Product Show
Pesticide registration No.: PD20101580
Production approval No.: HNP51119-A1994
Product standard code: Q/72035240-X·1-2015
Product name: Azadirachtin 0.3% emulsifiable concentrate
Pesticide registration No.: PD20101807
Production approval No.: HNP51119-A7522
Product standard code: Q/72035240-X·3-2015
roduct name: Avermectin and Aazadirachtin emulsifiable concentrate
Pesticide registration No. : PD20131157
Production approval No.: HNP51119-A7956
Product standard code: Q /72035240-X·4-2014
Product name: Beta-cypermethrin and emamectin benzoate
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